About Guide Book Publishing


  At Guide Book Publishing we strive to continuously offer the best direct-mail communication tool on the market for both congregations and businesses. We are now serving over 1,200 congregations and over 10,000 businesses each year in more than 25 states, and are dedicated to serving the needs of each and every customer.

GBP was founded by Bob Vogt and Jim Masterson on April 2nd, 1991 with the idea to produce a stewardship/directory book for congregations that would be directly mailed into each member's home. They started the business out of their homes, moving into their first office building in 1992. In 1993, GBP purchased their first press equipment and hired their first pressman, who is still with the company today. On June 14th, 1999, GBP moved into its current headquarter building to provide room for more departments, expanded press capabilities, and more storage space.
In January 2004, Bob Vogt bought out Jim Masterson's partnership interest and D.A. Robbins & Bill Fisher became partners with Bob. Together they have continued to build GBP into the leading church communication company it is today through digital presses, full color advertisements and book covers, and interactive online advertising.

  Bob Vogt, C.P.A.
Managing General Partner

Bob Vogt, one of the two original founding partners of GBP, and now serves as the Managing General Partner and majority owner of Guide Book Publishing.

Bill Fisher
General Partner/General Manager

Bill Fisher, the General Manager for GBP, has been with the company since January 1992.

D.A. Robbins
General Partner/Internal Operations Manager

Ms. Robbins started employment with GBP in November 1992 as an Administrative Assistant.
  Jim Korlin
National Sales Director

Jim Korlin joined GBP in 1999 and serves as the National Sales Director.a

Curt Eichelmann
Director of Sales

Curt Eichelmann began working for GBP in 2000 as an Account Executive.
Julie Stewart
Administrative Manager

Julie Stewart started with GBP in 2015.
  Dawn Newman
Human Resources Coordinator

Dawn Newman joined GBP in 2000 as an Administrative Assistant in the home office.a

Bonnie Barber
Creative Director

Bonnie Barber has been with GBP since 1995 and serves as the Creative Director for GBP.a
Ruth Kesselring
Executive Administrator

Ruth Kesselring joined GBP in 2010 and serves as the Executive Administrator for the GBP Partners.
  Photo Tom Sikorski
North District Manager

Tom Sikorski has been with GBP since 2017.a

Amanda Vogt
Director of Market Development

Amanda joined GBP in 2004 as a Front Office Assistant.

David Heath
Assistant Central District Manager

David Heath joined GBP in 2012 as an Account Executive.

  Photo Don Ketcherside
New Church Development

Don Ketcherside joined GBP in 2000 and serves as a member of the New Church Development staff.a

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