Curt Eichelmann, M.B.A.- Director of Sales
    Curt Eichelmann began working for Guide Book Publishing in 2000 as an Account Executive. He now serves as the Director of Sales and as the District Manager for the Central District which includes the states of Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. Curt earned his Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from St. Louis University and went on to earn his Masters in Business Administration from Webster University. Curt has earned the Dale Carnegie Sales Certificate as well as the Sandler Sales Certificate. Curt is married to his wife, Terri, and they have one son and two dogs. Curt volunteers for Meramec Sharks Hockey, and his hobbies include playing soccer, boating, skiing, and cars.

Curt Eichelmann:






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