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Book Formats:

Book format, Regular or Large, is typically determined by the number of households in each publication. For information on which format a certain book will be published as contact the home office or your Account Executive.

  • Large Format Books are for publications with approximately 2,500 or more households.
  • Regular Format Books are for publications with less than 2,500 households.

Ad Specifications:

All GBP Publications feature full color covers that offer full color advertisements on the prime locations (back book cover, inside book covers, and the center spread). The inside pages feature black & white printing. Click on one of the following links for details on Ad Specifications.

Design Services:

Guide Book Publishing includes complimentary design services in the price of your advertisement. Our graphic artists can completely design your ad or re-design an existing ad. All we need from you is the information (ad copy) to include in your ad, and original images for any photos or clipart appearing in your ad.

When using images/logos from websites:

  • We do NOT recommend using logos from a website. The majority of images on a website are low resolution .gifs that DO NOT print well (they are not intended for commercial printing).

Software used at GBP:

  • InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, and MS Publisher on a PC Platform


You can direct any questions you may have concerning your ad design and layout to the graphics department at

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