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To locate your Family Profile, select the My Profile tab, click on your Family Name below your photo.

If you're a Family Editor, you can update your family's Online Directory & Mobile App information.

To edit your Family Profile, simply make desired changes and click Update to save those changes.

Family Editor: Your family's member profiles are listed near the bottom of your Family Profile. If you are a Family Editor, under each name you will see "Editor" followed by a drop-down menu. A "Yes" next to editor means that person can update all information for your family. Family Editors can also reset passwords and control who has editor status.

The Display Order determines the order in which family members appear within the Family Profile. Typically, heads of household are listed first, followed by children in birth order. To update your family listing order, input the number corresponding with desired order in the Order box located below the family member's name. Click Update to save changes.

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