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What does free mean?
Just that! Everything is completely done at no charge to the congregation, including the preparation and cost of mailing the books to the families! This is and will be your congregation’s Guide Book & Directory! Costs are underwritten by family-oriented businesses in your community who are happy to participate in this form of advertising. This is a beneficial opportunity for businesses in your congregation and in your community.

Why do we need a Guide Book & Directory?
A Guide Book & Directory:

  • fIs a book that is uniquely designed for your congregation.
  • fIs designed to keep all of your congregation's members informed as well as involved.
  • fProvides essential ministry information to your members in a format that each household will keep and use all year long.
  • fIncludes a complete directory of all members of the church that will be referred to and used all year long.
  • fIs professionally produced to meet your congregation’s specific wants and needs.
  • fIs direct-mailed to each household in your congregation.
  • fProvides extra books for you to distribute to new members throughout the year.
  • fIs updated annually to keep all the information current.
  • fIs accomplished, unlike other communication tools you may now use, in a turn-key manner for your congregation ... with minimum work for your staff and/or volunteers.
  • fIs provided at NO COST to your congregation.

Who gets the advertisers? Who collects?
GBP handles all of this for you!

Will this conflict with other congregation projects?
It will not. The Guide Book & Directory serves a completely different need than the photo directory. These are both useful, but serve a different communication function. Normally, when our congregations plan to produce a pictorial in the same year, they space it out six months so that one does not interfere with the other. This does not put any undo work load on the staff who work with these projects.

Why an annual Guide Book & Directory?
Like the community you live in, our research shows us that most congregations have an average of 12% turnover each year (people moving in and out of the congregation). In addition, committees, organizations and activities usually change to some degree each year, so an annual Guide Book & Directory keeps the information current.

Does it require a lot of work?
The congregations we currently serve all say NO. Most are genuinely surprised that our company makes it so easy. Remember, we do all the work of putting the final book together for you. The name and phone numbers for the directory can be retrieved from your computer in a matter of minutes. We will be most happy to supply you with references who will attest to this. We believe it is worth the small amount of work necessary on your part.

How much space do we get for our congregation information?
We provide up to 20 pages of information about your congregation, then as many pages as needed for the directory. However, our experience tells us that if it gets too big, many members will not read it all.

Is the membership list kept confidential?
Yes it is! This is your congregation’s book and your congregation’s book alone. We are not in the business of selling mailing lists. Understanding your concern, we even put that in writing in our Publishing Agreement.


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