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Password: salem

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Search "Guide Book Publishing" in your app store, or use the following links: Apple, Android, or Windows Phone. The App Developer is Lieberman Technologies.

Enter the mobile privacy code that was provided to you. If you do not know your mobile privacy code:

  • Ask your Directory Administrator
  • Find the code in your Online Directory's URL (i.e., the code for https://grace.gbpd.co is grace)
  • Find the code in your printed Guide Book & Directory, in the Guide Section.

Having trouble entering your code? Check to make sure your device is not auto correcting your entry.

When you open the app, the login page will appear. Sign in with your username and password, or your organization's privacy key (if available). Select Remember Me if you want to eliminate the need to log in each time you access the directory.

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