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    Publishing: How it Works


  Guide Book Publishing will:

  • Typeset, print, collate, and direct-mail your Guide Book & Directory to the homes of your members all at no direct-cost (including postage) to your congregation.
  • Print an extra supply of Guide Book & Directories for distribution to new members throughout the year.
  • Host an electronic copy of the Guide Section, filled with information on the ministries of your congregation, on our website.
  • Email a PDF of the complete Guide Book & Directory to our contact within your organization.
  • Update all information, and make changes to your Guide Book & Directory, on an annual basis.
  • CASS Certify your mailing list to ensure an accurate list for mailing purposes.
  • Secure sufficient advertisers to cover all costs involved.

Your Congregation will:

  • Special artwork (line drawing or photographs) to our graphic artists for your custom designed cover.
  • A computer-generated copy of information desired for the Guide Section.
  • Any special photographs or art you wish to have included in the Guide Section.
  • A computer generated list of families for the Directory Section and mailing.

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