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“I write this letter to you as a strong recommendation that you consider using Guide Book Publishing for your next church directory. In 40 years of ministry, I have never been so pleased with the quality of work and the politeness and efficiency of the sales personnel and workers who put together our Guide Book and Directory.”
~Reverend Edward Everitt, O.P., Pastor at Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Hammond, Louisiana

“I just wanted to say that the new Guide Book & Directory developed for our parish has received nothing but praises. This is the first real practical directory our parish has acquired in over 30 years. We have had “pictorial” publications in the past, but these have only been distributed to about one fifth of the parish. This directory goes out to everyone, without cost, which is fantastic. We arranged to have these mailed out at the same time we were doing our stewardship drive. This only helps to establish that St. Mark is a parish that cares for its parishioners. I have already noticed a change in the phone calls being received at the front desk. The information printed in the first 20 pages answers many of the questions that we have been receiving in the past. This reference book is not only helpful to the staff, but also to our entire family of registered worshippers.”           
~Don Williams, Development Director, St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas

“The Guide Book & Directory has elicited many favorable comments from our parishioners and our ad partners. Previous parish directories left a lot to be desired and the formats used were often cumbersome and resulted in many delays before the finished product was delivered. The current Guide Book & Directory is user friendly and the format is simple to follow. The quality is upscale and the information is current for our parishioners to use. We look forward to next year when we will again produce our next booklet.”
~Philip J. Frappaolo, General Manager of Sacred Heart Church in Cullman, Alabama

“Our congregation has found this to be a very helpful publication. It has replaced many separate pieces that had been given to new members in the past. Pictorial directories are helpful and serve a different purpose. This Guide Book & Directory is most helpful on a yearly basis to keep your members current and information up-to-date.”
~Gloria Scott from First UMC in Richardson, Texas

“Recently Assumption Church had its first experience using Guide Book Publishing for our Ministry and Membership Directory, and we were very pleased with the results. For several years Don Ketcherside had called to request our participation. On one occasion he came in to show us what Guide Book had to offer. They had an awesome product and brought in plenty of samples to see and compare from many of our neighboring parishes that were using Guide Book & Directories. Some had recently switched and others had been using them for years. Every parish I called to ask about their experience with Guide Book Publishing had nothing to say but praise. We would have signed with them sooner but we were under contract with another publishing company. However, immediately after discovering that we were no longer under contract, I contacted Don, who by coincidence, had just called checking in the week before. They were by far the most professional and helpful from the first contact to the finished product. We were on a time crunch and they met it in plenty of time. A staff member from Guide Book even came out to show us how to set up for the new book and did much of the layout and work for us. The book was awesome and we received many compliments from parishioners as well as staff on the change and how much better the directory was and easier to use. I would recommend any parish considering switching to Guide Book Publishing to give them a try.”
~Rosemary Tubbs, Secretary at Assumption Church in O'Fallon, Missouri

“With past publishers I had to do most of the work myself including cover design and print-ready pages. This was time consuming mostly because I am not a graphic designer and I do so many jobs at the parish that I didn’t have time to worry about appearance. It was nice to have our own personal graphic designer make our cover look nice and inviting to our parishioners. The feature I am most excited about is the fact that I can send additional materials to you to stuff into the envelopes with the Guide Book & Directory that you will mail out for us. This is an excellent way to get Stewardship materials in the hands of our parishioners with less expense and man hours on our end. We look forward to working towards even greater Guide Book & Directories for our parishioners in the years to come.”
~Rhonda Taylor, Office Manager of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Wichita, Kansas

“The book is beautifully produced. Your staff was a delight to work with. Your organization, your commitment to keeping yourselves and your clients to schedule, and your steady communication all made this a very pleasant experience. Thank you for opening this opportunity to serve our people more effectively. Your publication adds to the pride our people have in their parish.”      
~Father Bob Bonnot, Pastor at Christ Our Savior in Struthers, Ohio

“The entire experience of collaborating with Guide Book Publishing has been most positive. The representative who came to our office to obtain ads for the Guide Book & Directory was most pleasant and very professional to work with during this process. I highly recommend the entire experience to other parishes.”
~Reverend Monsignor Bennie J. Patillo, Pastor at St. Elizabeth Catholic Community in Port Neches, Texas



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