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Online Directory & Mobile App Create an Account/User Signup Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions
Directory Admin Login


Create an Account is a feature that allows members to request to be part of your Online Directory & Mobile App. It was designed to assist administrators in gathering information, and alllow members to ask to be included in the directory.

  • fAdministrators have complete control and can approve or deny requests
  • fNo one will be added to your directory without admin approval

Members can submit a request to be added to your directory in two ways:

  • fBy selecting "Click Here to Create an Account" on your directory's log-in page
  • fAdmin can share a link asking members to sign up. This link can be found in the Edit Organization Information menu of the Admin tab (see picture below).
Sign up screen image.

Admin will be alerted to new requests if "New Signup Approval" is selected by their name on the Admin List. An email will be sent to the email address in the Admin Profile. Administrators may also find a list of profiles waiting for approval through the Process Requests section of the Admin tab.

New sign-up form image.

Before approving the new request, you may want to make sure the member doesn't already have a Member Profile by going to the Member tab and searching their name.

To Approve or Deny Requests follow the directions in the "User Signup: Approval Needed" email, or see the steps below.

  • fSelect the View link in the email you received.
  • fWhen you log into your directory as an admin, the information will appear on the screen. You will be alerted if another admin has already handled the request.
  • fKeep your directory consistent by making sure items such as the phone number appear in the same style as others already entered.
  • fYou may want to verify they don't already have a Member Profile before clicking approve.
  • fWhen approved, the new Member Profile will appear in the directory and the member will receive an email with instructions to create a password. They can then log in to view the directory.
  • fThe new profile is a Member Profile. Make sure to also manually create a Family Profile page for them.

Password Reset
Members now have the ability to reset their password. When a member logs in with an incorrect username or password, the member is prompted to either try again or to enter their username and email address associated with their profile. If entered correctly, they will receive an email with instructions for resetting their password. If entered incorrectly, they will not receive an email and will need to contact their administrator for assistance as they currently have to if they forgot their information.

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